Acceptance into BizSpark came through today, so I've been able to update my tools to Visual Studio 2013 and have a play around and get familiar. A lot of small UI changes that make working with hosted TFS a bit more straightforward, although I'm still struggling with being able to automate unit test execution on the hosted build engine! Guess I can live with local unit testing for now.

I've spent a good few hours tinkering with the CMS and knocking up a logo that will do for the present, tweaked some CSS etc, and have been testing out a few different interface controls on Metero to get that ready for submission. Long day.

Finally though, we have a date for the big move from Hong Kong to Düsseldorf, we'll be on a plane the second week of February 2014. Can't wait to get there and get started full time :)

*gets back to German lesson*