Chris Ashworth


I'm taking a couple of weeks away from coding (well, away from coding at home, still hard at work at Blue Byte!), so thought I'd give a rundown of where my various projects are:


Currently designing a hefty refactor of the whole plugin. There's a huge amount of inefficient and particularly wasteful memory/threading code that needs to be sorted out which is a legacy of my learning UnrealEngine as I was creating the project. This should see the following benefits :

  • Hugely reduced memory footprint
  • Much better threading performance
  • Better able to support multiplayer
  • General code cleanup/consistency

I expect to get properly started on this in the next couple of weeks.


This is currently on hold while I get the CashGen refactor done. I'm aware that the repository is getting a lot of organic hits from Google searches, so I've put a warning on there that it is a barely working framework, not something ready to be used!

Once the terrain generator plugin is refactored and stable, I will be working on a game design to start implementing the GOAP framework with.


This is a new plugin that came out of the work I have been doing on CashGen. I've taken the FastNoise noise generator library I was using and wrapped it up into the nice Blueprint-friendly package. I'll add the project page onto here soon.

UnrealEngine NRW Meetup

Our September meetup is on the 28th September at the A&O Düsseldorf HBf. I will be dragging my desktop along to power some VR demos that we have lined up. Check out the details here :

That's it for now! I'm heading off to the Czech Republic for a friend's wedding this weekend, and next week I plan to binge on Destiny : Rise Of Iron.....then come back refreshed ready to crack on with the Unreal projects!