Chris Ashworth


The silence is broken. I've been taking a break from extra-curricular coding for a few weeks. My usual timetable of 1-2hours 'my time' coding before heading into the studio is great productive time but it does get tiring, you need to know when to take a break!

I've also been speaking both at the local Unreal Engine User Group, and at internal Programmer's Guild meetings here at Ubisoft Blue Byte, both on my procedural terrain system and the GOAP planner work.

My public github repos have had a bit of a tidy, various issues and minor features that were backlogged have been sorted out in UnrealFastNoise and CashGen. I'm still to get to work on a solid GOAPer demo after the very rusty version I hacked together for the talks.

More updates soon, in the meantime follow my Twitter which gets updated much more regularly with what I'm up to.