Chris Ashworth


Once again, not many upates on the site, but I have been busy!

I completed the multiplayer rework of my CashGen terrain generator a few weeks ago...finally! You can now have multiple players running around in the same level with terrain being dynamically spawned around each one, with LODs, and all merged properly when players are sharing the same space.

I've just completed the usual UnrealEngine version update task to 4.18, and changed all plugins to Unreal's new Include What You Use include pattern.

Next up is starting to work on the biome definitions. I'm designing the data model to allow designers to create blueprints that define the terrain generation and prop scattering parameters, and then configure how these biomes are blended into the final output. Should be done in the next few weeks, maybe sooner.

Also on the to-do list is a new tutorial video, as the configuration and setup process is a fair bit different since I merged the multliplayer refactoring branch.