Chris Ashworth


I've been pretty unhappy with the way that social media has been developing in recent years, so in recent months I've slowly been shutting down my accounts. LinkedIn I'm hanging on to as it's genuinely useful, but the rest is gone.

In the absence of any other online outlet, I'm going to start writing more posts on here. It's been quiet lately, but international moves are tough! I am literally sat on a pillow on my living room floor at the moment because I haven't had any furniture for the last 6 weeks, but finally this purgatory comes to an end next week and everything turns up, including the PC!

Once my PC is set up I'll crack on with getting my plugins updated to UE 4.23 for y'all. Since I'm working in Unreal daily now I'm sure I'll be learning things that'll make me want to update and enhance them.

In other news, the project I'm working on has been announced, which is super awesome for many reasons. Here's the trailer:


Getting back into life in the UK has been surprisingly easy, having lived in big cities for the last decade, coming back to small town life, running a car, driving to work, shopping on Sundays! It's good to be back home.

I want to note what I've been listening to and playing, so this week :


Sea of Thieves Seabound Soul update



Floating Points - Crush