Chris Ashworth


Well, it's not really, but this is as much as much time and effort as I can bring myself to spend wrestling with Joomla. I'm sure there are better CMS around these days but this has been going a long time and I don't fancy the thought of migrating it just now. Can't say I'm a huge fan of modern web design where everything is acres of dead space and all images with no text, trying to find a new theme that focuses on text articles is a mission these days.

In other news, I didn't manage to make it to DevCom sadly due to Covid, but the online coverage was very good and I got to watch more talks than I would have been able to attend in person, so not all bad. A real shame I wasn't able to catch up with friends in Düsseldorf, but there'll be a next time.

In other news, I have a few draft articles I've scribbled down over the years but never published, so I'm spending a little time editing them and may publish a few. May be useful to some people!

Fun fact : the most popular articles on my side are all about the boids implementation I wrote, it's a popular little programming exercise, I suspect it's a lot of students. I think my implementation is pretty optimal so all good!

My Unreal plugins have been updated to UE 5.0 a while ago, but having dabbled with 5.1 at work recently, I'm pretty sure I'm going to need to update them all in the next few weeks.