So, this is my site! It will be home to pages about the apps I'm working on, tutorials and other articles I write, probably a bit of my photography and links to other interesting things I find.

The layout is still being tinkered with, and site structure, but I will be starting to fill out articles in the coming weeks once I have said goodbye to 'The Man', packed in the jobĀ and started full time on my own work.

I've put a page up for my first Windows Phone app, Metero, which is almost ready for submission but I want to clear up my unit test coverage and tinker with the Visual Studio Online build/test CI functionality a little more, as well designing the icons. I may pick up a Lumia 520 as a second test device to go with my workhorse 920.

Next job, sort out a logo and icon. I'll be making use of the Surface Pro digitiser in anger for the first time in the next week or so to draft some ideas before producing the vectors.