To bring in the new year, here's a little rundown of the games, tech, personal, and professional events happening in 2016!

The Games

The Division

Easily the top of my list of most anticipated games this year, poised to fill the void left by Destiny's flagging appeal. Co-operative open-world TPS with high stakes PvP areas? Sign me up...

Squadron 42

If the timelines are met, then this year will see the single-player incarnation of Chris Roberts' much-hyped and much-funded return to the space combat genre. Personally I'm pessimistic about the release date, but welcome any progress towards getting my mitts on the Constellation I backed the project with way back when.


A game I've hardly touched for the last few weeks, but the inevitable release of new co-op content for Bungie's console FPS will no doubt get me back in Guardian mode.

Homeworld : Deserts Of Kharak

The teaser was released just before Christmas, although revealing little about the game apart from the fact it's a ground-based RTS prequel to the Homeworld games, with an uncanny resemblance to Ground Control. I'll be waiting to see more info on this one in January.

No Man's Sky

No doubt delayed to be a launch title for Sony's Morpheus VR platform, this has been on my radar since it's reveal. An beautiful, universe-sized exploration game that I can play from the comfort of the sofa, this is on my must-buy list.

The Profession


There's no way around it, this is the year I'm going to be able to call myself a C++ programmer. Currently flitting between Java, Actionscript, C++ and Javascript several times a day is making my head spin a little, but at least it keeps the brain ticking over. I'll be putting out regular articles on my C++ work here, starting with some tidying up of the Boids code (and making it UE Blueprint-friendly), and followed up the creation of a simple engine featuring a core Entity Component System.


In addition to the programming articles, I'm going to make a concerted effort to stream more. I've enjoyed the few times I've streamed while programming, it seems to focus the mind rather than distract as I had feared beforehand, and it's good to have people interested to chat to and help out.

You can find my Twitch channel here.

The Personal


Nearly two years in Germany now, and my Deutsch is still only at about A2 level, this needs to change, and will be this year. I've already cut out most English language TV at home and will be arranging another course to get my spoken skills up to scratch.

That's about it! I'm going to be producing a minimum of an article a week, preferably more, though I can't guarantee they're all going to be meaty technical articles.