Well January has started off very productive, I'm managing to cram in 90 minutes of coding before work and a few hours after most days, as well as flip-flopping between two different mini-projects at work! Busy times...here's the rundown.

  • Knocked out my 2015 review and 2016 preview articles (writing is still horrible, but I'm forcing myself to publish, practice making perfect and all that).
  • Got Twitch all sorted out on the new desktop, I can now crunch through UE4 compiles while streaming no problems, yay!
  • Refactored the Boids codeĀ and marked it up so it can be used easily in Macros
  • Started picking up some Unreal Motion Graphics (UI) so I can hook it into the boidyness.

Plans for next week :

  • Finish the UMG basics, hooking up to display boid parameters and stats.
  • Figure out how to specify the mesh and material for the boids in Blueprints.
  • Add remove boid code and basic raycast to enable a simple shoot->kill mechanic. Maybe add effect.
  • Optimisations - reduce frequency of calculations, separate interaction range detection from main algo execution
  • Tidy/jazz up my Twitch page and start streaming regularly.

As usual all my code is pushed straight to github, no guarantee it's in a working state until I branch it and write an article though :)

I've been using Trello for quite a while now for a number of things, so I've made a board for tracking stuff I'm doing re: this site and made it public, the link is below, hopefully I can plug it into Joomla nicely at some point.

Cashworth.net Trello Board