Article output is a little stalled at the moment as I've hit a slight learning obstacle with the UnrealEngine code. I've got a pretty nice boids implementation in place and it's now all hooked up so it can be used with BluePrints, but when it came to hooking up the UMG UI components I discovered my knowledge of the UnrealEngine basics was severely lacking. As such I've been hurriedly learning my way through the core GameMode/Scene/PlayerController/Pawn/Actor framework to replace the default objects that UE provides for you in an empty project. This involves a basic RTS camera and a few other bits and pieces, nearly done now.

Once I've finished this (in the next few days) I just have one core feature (terrain avoidance) to implement then I'll probably call it a version 0.1 and make a separate page as it's pretty clean usable code now.

In the meantime, I've been having some fun on some internal beta testing, seeing some ice hockey...and this week, being bloody cold!