Finally at the end of a very busy week, with our Unreal Engine user group, Ubisoft Blue Byte summer meeting, and a some good stuff which I hope will lead to something I have been working very hard towards the last year! A few updates :

I've had a developer from Ottowa get in touch who's also working on a GOAP system regarding knowledge sharing, so I've uploaded the current state to Github. It's just missing the last piece of the puzzle, the action planner pathfinding algorithm, although it does work currently if you have a single valid route from current to target state. 

GOAPer - Goal Oriented Action Planning for UE4

The procedural terrain generator I just need to tidy up a little bit before uploading the foliage spawning component I demoed at the UE meetup, possibly this weekend.

Last up, I've created a project on Github as a workspace for some UI demos/tutorials/samples. I started off some worldspace UI classes this morning and have a few hours free this evening to get some demos done. I'll post the repo once I've pushed the content.

Lastly...Happy Canada Day! :)