It's been quite the few weeks, not a lot of progress code wise for a few reasons. 

First up, before I can go any further with the GOAP implementation I need an actual game, and behaviours to implement. I've been scribbling down a lot of ideas and just about have something I think will work well, and in particular make good use of the strenths of the Goal Oriented Action Planning method.

Secondly, and this is a biggie...I've finally figured out that I have High-Functioning Autism, aka. Aspergers Syndrome. There have been a few events in recent weeks that led me to look into the subject, and, wow! It's a real light-bulb moment. It's a really fascinating subject and I will be writing a full article on it in the near future but I am still in the overloaded stage trying to process everything. 

It's like at the age of 35 I've finally been handed the correct user manual for my brain. 

Interesting times, and not in a bad way! More soon :)