There are a much needed few weeks away from the studio to recharge and relax, but I am looking forward to spending some time on my personal projects as well. There's been no time to get busy on my plugins since the SVO Navigation plugin made it to alpha state in the summer. In case anyone is checking in on the site to see what I'm up to, this is the plan for the remainder of 2018.

  • Add serialization of the SVO data structures so the octree can be baked/cooked.
  • Implement a proper BT Action node for flying moves using the SVO system.
  • Work on some more flying enhancements, such as preserving momentum, constant movement, etc.
  • Re-implement the boids code I had up on the site years ago in a new plugin.

Why the last item? Looking over my website stats the other day and realized that the very old articles on boids in UnrealEngine were the most popular by a long way, but the accompanying github repositories were nuked in a cleanup at some point. Should be a good little mini project, and I'd like to go to town on optimizing the problem, see what sort of performance we can get out of Unreal, and think about multithreading/timeslicing solutions.