Time is flying! I do plan on writing an article each week, but things keep getting in the way, so here I am on a Sunday evening. I won't lie, The Division Beta has consumed a fair bit of my time this weekend, but today  I did spend most of the afternoon working on the UnrealEngine boids code. In fact, the core boids algorithm is pretty much done, now  I'm building up a UI, PlayerController etc. around it with a view to making something kinda playable. It's been an interesting experience getting something working in UE4, one thing I have learned is that they really, really want you to use Blueprints! Getting some things done in C++ is a bit of a mare and the documentation is sparse in comparison. Anyway, most of the learning work is done now, I'm starting to pad out the game with more types of boids, implement a repel/attract value and a few other things. I have some ideas for a game that could come of this but it's going to have to be the product of what appears while I'm tinkering.

No new videos for now, although I will say the code will happily chug 6-700 boids around after a few revisions. More than enough for what I need. I expect to have a lot more visually interesting things to show this week.