A few changes since my last update, I'll break it down!

  • Boids code was working fine in Unity
  • Decided I need a world to put the boids in order to make something worth looking at
  • Decided my coder art sucks, so I might as well work on some procedural generation (bonus skills!)
  • Built a procedural world generator in UnrealEngine C++

 It's been going pretty good so far. I've built a heightmap with some Perlin noise, then used the UnrealEngine UProceduralMeshComponent to turn it into a quad mesh. I've then made a 3x3 grid of these zones which seamlessly tile. At least, now they seamlessly tile, had a few stitching issues initially!

Seam Issues

All resolved now though, by expanding the zone heightmap to include the first cells in neighbouring zones to make sure the vertices match up.

Fixed Seams

Next up: spawning new zones as the player moves across boundaries, as well as destroying the old ones. Performance will be interesting here, I suspect I will be spawning threads to do this work ahead of time.